Skull Smith (b. January 5, 1995) is a singer, songwriter, and composer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He works primarily with digital synthesizers and samplers, occasionally even using patches created from sounds made by common household items, and he records all of his vocals in his own home studio. 

His approach to songwriting is generally that of the objective narrator - each of his songs uses an overarching metaphor to illustrate subject matter that is relatable to living and growing on Earth during this time period, and he omits any explicit mention of emotion in order to allow each listener to decide on their own what they think and how they feel. "Lyrics explain melodies," he says, momentarily forgetting that he does not need to quote himself in a paragraph that he himself is writing. "You can hear the real story in the composition, but the words can add a bit of additional context."

Stylistically, his sound does not fall under one particular category but rather exists as some sort of miscellaneous basket of sounds accumulated from an infinite array of sources. Each song is a different mixture of various styles, and no two songs sound alike nor could they be mistaken for any other artist.

On February 14, 2020, Skull released his first EP, Lunar Panel (pt. I), which includes two of his most popular songs to date: the electrifying "The Ghost of Mr. Hyde" and the ethereal "River Tune". Since then, he has released a few handfuls of songs and intends to release many, many more once the frequencies of the Earth permit them to spread infinitely. In the meantime, he is remixing and remastering his existing releases to ensure what he refers to as "reasonably good sound quality" - no jarring sounds in the vocals or instrumentation that could distract the listener from the overall experience.

But that's enough reading for now. Give your eyes a rest and let your ears take over.